The Hidden Secret to Delivery Sales Success

Blake Alderink
CEO, Nommin' Brands
August 20, 2020
5 min read

Food delivery sales in the United States doubled from May 2019 to May 2020. That’s crazy growth in an industry that was already growing at over 10% yearly.  The United States delivery market is expected to grow from $26 billion to $32 billion by 2024.  Food delivery represents a change in the way of life for many of us, replacing both eating out and cooking at home.  

Good news, and bad news.

This might be good news for anyone in the food delivery industry, but for restaurant and bar owners, times have never been tougher, and they aren’t getting any easier.  Delivery sales are low margin, alcohol sales have been reduced to nothing, and the big chains are taking even more of their business. Right now, most restaurants and bars are simply trying to survive.

The chains are winning.

Delivery CAN be good for restaurants. The problem is that delivery is a completely different industry than in-person dining.  How do you get sales from potential customers on delivery apps? Most people go to a delivery app like UberEats either already knowing what they want or choosing the first place they see that looks good and has the type of food they want.  This means that big chains like Chili’s and McDonald’s have a huge advantage over local restaurants.  These brands are always on the top of someone’s mind and everyone knows the types of food they offer.  On top of those advantages, the chains are also utilizing something called VIRTUAL BRANDS in order to bring in more sales, taking even more business from local restaurants like yours.

What is a virtual brand?

Virtual brands are brands that only exist online.  For example, Chili’s has a virtual brand that is focused solely on selling chicken wings and appetizers.  How does this bring in more sales? Well, when someone (let’s call him Will) wants chicken wings, he probably isn’t going to think about Chili’s, even though they might have decent wings at a good price.  Also, if Will is going to order wings, he wants to order them from a brand that looks like they are focused on doing one thing well.  So Will gets on UberEats and searches “chicken wings”.  Without a virtual brand, Chili’s would have no chance at getting Will’s business.  Now, though, Chili’s’ virtual chicken wing brand is a viable option for Will, and they have a chance at getting his sale, both now and in the future when he wants wings again.

Virtual brands allow restaurants to represent their various foods and drinks with specialized, focused brands built to attract customers online.  They allow restaurants to grow their monthly delivery business by thousands of dollars simply by branding their food differently.  A sports bar with killer wings and burgers will only get delivery sales from its most loyal customers; however, when rebranded strategically as 2 separate brands, a wing brand and a burger brand, delivery sales will shoot up.  An Italian restaurant that does pizza and pasta really well will have a tough time selling either one on delivery platforms; however, rebranded (while keeping their main brand, as well) as a pizza brand and a pasta brand will significantly increase delivery sales.

Virtual brands are vital to your delivery success.

Right now, virtual branding is extremely effective, as few restaurants are doing it and even fewer are doing it well.  If you start a virtual brand now, you can build the brand into a delivery machine that will still be effective in 3 years once every other restaurant is trying to make it work.  That is where we come in.  Nommin’ specializes in creating virtual brands and doing everything it takes to make that virtual brand effective.  We create beautiful brands, set them up on every delivery platform, setup websites, take pictures of your food, do paid marketing for you out of our own pockets, and provide you with a tablet that manages ALL of your delivery orders in one place.  We set you up with all the tools you need to succeed and then manage those tools for you, so that all you have to do is continue to make great food, as if the virtual brands didn’t even exist.  The best part is that we do it all at no cost to your restaurant.  It sounds crazy, but it’s true.  There is no risk or cost in partnering with us.  

Let's talk.

Delivery could go from being a thorn in your side to being one of your restaurant’s biggest advantages, and virtual brands are the key.  We would love to partner with you to make that happen, and if you are interested please fill out the form below or chat with us here.  I (Blake, CEO) will personally respond and answer any questions you have. We cannot wait to help your restaurant.

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Delivery is vital to the future of independent restaurants and bars. Let's make the most of the opportunity together.
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